Kia Ora & Ayubowan

My name's Minushika, but more commonly known as Minu. I was born in a little Island called Sri Lanka, just off the Southern Coast of India. (Before you ask, no - Sri Lanka is not part of India!)

Following my sixth birthday, my family and I moved to another Island (far bigger than the one I was born) called New Zealand and this is where I have called home ever since.

Now New Zealand and Sri Lanka are complete opposites. However one thing remains the same - they will both be two of my favourite places on earth.

Why the blog?

Now, this isn't your typical travel blog. One where I decide to pack up my life and spend months at a time travelling the globe. Rather, it's a way for me to reflect on the places I've been and to share with you small moments of my travel that were inspiring, challenging and unforgettable.

Coming into my final year of my degree, I wanted to find a way of looking beyond study and the pressure and expectation of life after university. Doing one thing for so long can consume you, so I've decided to adopt this blog as a project for 2017. (New year, new me - you know all that jazz)

The name for this blog was inspired by my bucket list. I know, so cliched. But I found having a bucket list sometimes put things into perspective for me and gave me a sense of direction when I didn't feel like I had one.

I wrote my first bucket list when I was 13, and seven years on, it's fair to say my goals have significantly changed. Except for one, travel the world.

I haven't been everywhere yet, it's definitely on the list.

So far, I've been to Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Australia, London, Costa Rica & Los Angeles.



The Bucket List

  • Travel the world
  • Be happy

Disclosure: Not my full bucket list - can't give it all away now can I.